Welcome to the Matazone Corset Shop
Welcome to the Matazone Corset Shop 2018-02-23T13:52:52+00:00

Matazone Corsets has an eight year history of trading online to happy people all over the world, and now there’s free shipping to the UK!

Find out for yourself why people say: “Matazone were great – super fast delivery, excellent standards of work and brilliant customer service.”

All corsets are 10% off their recommended prices!

If you have any questions, contact me here and I’ll give you any advice you need.

In this shop you’ll find all of our corsets in two main categories:

Standard – corsets that are made with the average body-type in mind

Made To Measure – corsets that are specifically tailored for you, giving the absolutely perfect fit

Both categories come in three types:

Overbust – corsets that cover the chest

Underbust – corsets that only cover the waist

Bodice – corsets without the ‘busk’ at the front for added flexibility