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Caring for and cleaning your corset 2017-12-25T08:59:34+00:00

Most people rarely clean their corsets, but what do you do when the time comes? There are two ways of approaching cleaning and caring for your corset: the recommended way, and the realistic way. If you’re also wondering about handwashing or dry-cleaning your corset then this is also discussed below.

The recommended method of caring for your corset is to always wear a thin garment underneath it. This helps prevent build up of oils from the skin on the corset lining and means that you corset will require the least regular cleaning.

… But at Matazone corsets we’re pretty realistic! Most of our customers wear their corsets directly on their skin, so the following advice is for you:

Hand washing v.s dry cleaning your corset

Snobz, the makers of Matazone’s corset range, suggest hand washing wherever possible. Use a mild non-biological powder, mix it in warm water and gently sponge the corset clean. Try to keep the corset as flat as possible while cleaning it – don’t bend it in ways that it wouldn’t bend when on your body.

When washed, rinse it fully with clean warm water then allow to dry flat, not crumpled or folded. Never wring it dry! This can cause serious structural damage to the corset and the steel spring boning. Keep it well ventilated (such as on a clothing rack) to prevent any deterioration of the boning. Always dry your corset away from heat sources that could cause it to dry unevenly and warp. Ensure that it is fully dried before putting it away for storage – again this is to ensure that your boning remains in good condition.

A good dry cleaner working with care and their mildest methods should be able to clean your corset for you. The steel boning is fine with their chemicals and most of the materials (such as our popular range of satins) won’t present any problems for them; however, not all dry cleaners are as good as each other. If they do not clean the item with care or use their stronger processes then it can cause warping.

So, Matazone’s corsets can be dry cleaned, but discuss it with your dry cleaner first. It’s likely that they will want you to sign a waiver for damage because they are unusual items. Some dry cleaners will try to charge very high rates so try shopping around. If you are confident in the skills and care taken by the dry cleaners then the corset should be fine, but Snobz do recommend that hand-cleaning is the most reliable way of cleaning and caring for your corset.

A final tip

For maintenance and to minimise the need for cleaning, try sponging the corset gently with a slightly damp sponge after wearing it, then allowing it to dry as described above. This isn’t by any means essential, but it does help put off full cleaning for longer!