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This is a guide for complete beginners in how to lace a corset. It takes a little while, but you’ll only have to do it once, so take your time and your corset will soon be ready to wear.

If your corset is already laced then you might want some advice on how to put on your corset.

Your corset only needs a single lace. Do not cut your lace into two pieces!

Lace your corset very loosely, leaving approximately 8 inches between both sides of the corset. This will make it easier to put the corset on when it’s laced.

Find the middle of the lace. Position this in the middle of the top two holes of the corset.

Begin lacing downwards, alternating sides and holes until you reach the middle of the holes. This will often be seven holes down.

At this point create a large loop by lacing out and then back into the same side. You will likely end up with a couple of feet of lace on each side. Continue lacing until you reach the bottom of the corset.

There are two options here. Most guides will recommend tying the laces together. The other method is to tie knots in each end that are large enough to prevent the lacing slipping back through the holes. Both methods are equally good. A small advantage to the latter is that it is harder for the two knots to unintentionally be released.

Congratulations! Your corset is laced and ready to wear. You are now ready to put your corset on.