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We are happy to supply corsets for men and those with a male figure.

If you would like to go for an overbust corset then we suggest the Equestrian style because of the shoulder straps aiding support and placement of any chest enhancers. The length of this corset also gives good definition over the waist and hips. Elegance is the other overbust corset that we recommend for use with ‘chicken fillet’ type enhancements.

If you go for an overbust corset then tell us the bra cup size you are looking for in the comments box during the checkout process and we’ll make sure that you get your wish!

In the underbust range, Vintage has a long style suitable for a male figure, and is practical and comfortable enough for everyday wear, as well as being showy enough for more special occasions.

The ‘standard’ corsets (as opposed to the made-to-measure range) are usually around 12″ (30cm) larger on the bust and hips than the waist, which doesn’t usually work so well for the smaller hips of the male figure, so we strongly advise getting a made-to-measure corset, where you provide us with your actual chest, waist, and hips size. This way we get the perfect fit for you.

Many men request 8 suspender attachment points (rather than the usual 6). We are happy to do this with made-to-measure corsets, but please request them with your order because we will be unable to add them after the corset has been made without additional charge.

In summary:
We suggest the Equestrian, Elegance, and Vintage styles
Made-to-measure corsets will definitely give you the best fit
If you are ordering an overbust corset and wish to use chest enhancers please tell us your required cup size using the comments box during the ordering process. The comments box appears underneath your details when you are going through the check-out and confirming your address & payment details.
Please let us know if you would prefer 8 suspender attachment points using the comments box when placing your order.