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For standard corsets: measure around your waist, then subtract two to four inches.

A two inch reduction will reshape you into sexy curves and support your posture. A four inch reduction will do the same, but with a bit of extra squeeze!

For Made To Measure corsets:
We’ll need three things: bust, waist, hips.

Measure around your bust at the widest point while wearing a comfortable supporting bra or top – this is not your bra size (which is measured under the bust), this is the width around your bust itself.

Your actual waist size – we adjust the waist size down to give you the best possible fit. Unlike the standard corsets, there’s no need to reduce this size yourself. If you would like a more severe reduction then please use the comments box during checkout or drop me an email to have a chat about what you would like from your corset.

Your hips – measure yourself, it’s best not to rely on your jeans size because other manufacturers vary in their accuracy!